Hi! We are the Goodwins. We started Mid Bay Rentals in hopes of making every family's vacation more stress free.

We knew there was a need for this type of service through our own experiences of traveling with our son. When it came time for our first vacation as a family of 3, we started loading up the car and looked at each other like "how are we going to fit all of this?!" - The crib and the stroller were non-negotiables for us to bring, which left little room to bring anything else that could make life easier for him and for us.

Having a baby brings so much joy, and so much stuff!

Our goal is to provide families with all of the things that are needed in daily life with babies & toddlers, without them having to worry about how they are going to fit those things in a car, or worse, on a plane.

We hope to help make your vacation as it was intended to be, relaxing & enjoyable.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service.

Happy travels!

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